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Self management noise monitoring system designed to encourage students to manage noise levels at a specified level. Positive reinforcement from faculty members along with reward programs established for students to develop social skills.

Full size Talk Light is recommended for lunchrooms seating more than 75 students. 

Talk Light too may be utilized in smaller cafeterias.

Green Light Benefits:


  • Students learn self management skills
  • Faculty can eat lunch with the students versus managing the lunchroom
  • Parents volunteer more frequently
  • Students are able to socialize during lunch
  • Consistent and objective measurement
  • Light does not respond to sudden noise changes


Product:   Talk Light, Talk Light too

Classroom/School Auditorium/Gymnasium


Time management system designed to keep timed events such as testing, debate teams and any other timed contest on track. Allows the students to pace their work and enables them to learn time competition skills.

Green Light Benefits:

  • Teacher can focus on other details
  • Students learn time management, time competition skills
  • Keeps presentations on track


Product:  Time Manager



Noise monitoring system designed to keep students noise at an accepted level. Best used in group settings where students are conducting research, projects, and or specific discussions during class time.


Green Light Benefits:

  • Science lab setting allows several group discussions
  • Students to self manage group settings


Product:   Talk Light too


Nurses station/Waiting Rooms/Common Areas


Noise management system customized program for nurses, doctors and other hospital staff to monitor and manage noise levels.

Quiet: Hospital Zone Read more

Green Light Benefits:

  • Tool to achieve EPA's recommendation of maintaining noise levels lower than 45 db
  • Decrease in noise disturbance for patients
  • Research has shown that patients heal faster with lower noise levels
  • Patient satisfaction with hospital stay

Product:  Talk Light too


Conference Room/Auditorium


Time Manager system customized for corporate presentations, training seminars, and war rooms. Specific requirements can be programmed by the end users to manage timed sessions or events.

Green Light Benefits:

  • Pre-programmed sessions established by users
  • Number of programs limited only by computer memory
  • Programmable by end user

Product:   Time Manger

Fitness/Gymnasium Facility


Time manager system designed for timed physical training sessions or timed athletic events.

Green Light Benefits:

  • Self managing system
  • Programmable by end user
  • Number of programs limited only by computer memory

Product:  Time Manager

Call Center/Production Plant/Workroom


Noise management system designed to monitor noise level in sensitive environments. 

Noise is an occupational hazard

Even at low levels, unwanted sounds can constitute health and safety hazards by increasing stress levels, and impairing communication and concentration.

Green Light Benefits:


  • Meet OSHA requirements for employees
  • Assist with lowering noise level for increased production
  • Reduce noise disturbances for employees who are working with customers on the telephone



Product:  Talk Light , Talk Light too


Warehouse/Production Line

Safety alert system customized for specific safety programs. Noise management portion of the traffic light can also be used to maintain decibel levels within OSHA guidelines.



Green Light Benefits:

  • Universal colored light message recognition
  • High visibility based on size and colored lights
  • Manual control and remote control capabilities


Product:  Talk Light


 Production Control System

Customized to regulate the volume produced during specific timed shifts.  Traffic light colors can be changed manually or with the remote control.  Notifies employees of change in status and work flow.

Noise monitoring portion of the Talk Light can also be used to reduce noise levels in production area so that customers are not disturbed.

Green Light Benefits:

  • Self Management system to reduce overage waste
  • Low cost investment
  • Reduction in lost dollars due to overage
  • Reduce noise levels which may disturb customers


Product:   Talk Light, Talk Light too

The Talk Light products are very flexible with programming and operation.  Please contact us to discuss your specific application.



Green Light Benefits:   

  • Customized for your specific application



Product: Talk Light, Talk Light too


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